Daydreams of war and peace

I was thinking today about politics. And the idea of anarchy, and wondering if, people were left to their own, would we all really just start shooting? Or do most people break the law because they feel too confined? If it’s true that there are more good than bad people in this world, isn’t it true that, were there to be lawlessness, then in the case of bad people threatening human way of life, there would be a step in from good people, and we would have a real utopia, without laws, but a common honour system, wherein you are allowed to do whatever you want, you maintain a basic respect for the freedom and safety and ability to get by, get food, build your home, without a serious hindrance, and if that basic equality respect is broken, then expect to be shot dead where you stand?
[3:15:15 PM] 7547: Of course people would argue the whole water world book of Eli biker gang bullshit, but left-wing and right wing to the extreme are just as dangerous. Communism would be great in theory without corruption involved. Capitalism would be fine too, same with dictatorship, if it worked as is was meant to be. Socialism would be great too. THough nazi’s were socialist, so people call socialists nazi’s, but really, it just comes down to dicks, assholes, and pussies, in my humble opinion. Just cuz you don’t clean up your dogs mess, shouldn’t mean that I should have to smell it all day long, or, clean it up for you. Maybe I’ll just kill your dog, with a fair warning. It’s almost quite on par with the basics of Satanism, as I’ve been reading, from the official church of satan website. THey don’t even believe in the devil. THey are atheists and say religion is a crutch to dodge responsibility, or to be in denial, based on fear, of the fact that we are responsible for everything, not some god. Aside from the baby killing and whatnot, that’s actually one of the most mature things I’ve ever heard. take responsibility for yourself. Anarchy has a bad rep. I believe, because of propaganda. It’s a taboo word to speak. It’s even borderline jailable to admit to it. BUt it is no different than any other political view, it’s based on the idea of a peaceful society of people working together in harmony. Now if anarchy means there is no law, then it just emphasizes that much more responsibility we have to take on our own. People bitch about the government, but then fear anarchy. Why should anyone have any more power than me? Why should I go to university, just to understand common sense? I think that most people can easily make the right choice, and if we can’t. if it’s actually true that this world is filled with people who would shoot you if it were legal, then maybe humans are not meant to last, and weather anarchy comes, or the current system extends to an oppresive, warlike police state, either way, if that’s our fate, then that’s what’s gonna happen, but like I said, I think that most people, if not treated like children, spoon fed and kept on a leash, herded around like sheep, and lied to daily by biased news groups, could probably, most likely, get through it and prosper, and there really wouldn’t be mayhem on the streets. With the exception of the US. That would be fucked. And of course there are eastern countries founded in religious beliefs that certain people should die, or die if they don’t convert, however, I think that that is also, just a minority of extremists, because if muslims, in the majority believe in non violence, and are truly spiritual, then there wont be any take over or genocide, of course, there will be a worldwide bloodbath, because all the worms will raise up when the rain comes down, but those that don’t go back into the dirt, will be tossed aside or stepped on, as it should be, in fact I think this philosophy I’ve adopted is extremely reasonable and sensible. I think that government is the problem. I think that labels are a problem. Just cuz he’s NDP don’t mean he’s got the same heart as jack Layton. KNow what I mean? HIdden agendas all over the place. When has any political group ever stayed the same, and kept their word for their duration in power? It just comes down to a mass of people, 8 billion is size, dived over frivolous things, with a few assholes at the top, with too much m,money, too much power, a lot of fear, confused by greed, trying desperately to run the whole show, with millions starving, soldiers getting drafted to die, still for no reason, and yet in the states, there is still such a pride kept, over nothing in particular, as if all these things matter, as if we can hold on to our lives passed our natural death. It wont happen. No one is immortal. What is there to be proud about, so proud of worth killing for? Any human being can die with a quick slit of the neck, blood drips out, few minutes later everything you ever knew and could ever see is gone forever. There is no reason for pride in yourself therefore, because you are only human. Satanists believe in pride in yourself. That’s also an extreme way of thinking. Where the fuck is common sense? If government worked properly, we wouldn’t need it in the first place. it’s a paradox of terms. And every time I bring up anarchy, people tell me about Somalia. NO one even know about that tiny little war torn country before the movie black hawk down, and the pirates. Its not like half of africa hasn’t been going thru things like this for history. And using Somalia as an example of why anarchy doesn’t work is a terrible fallacy. It’s flawed logic. THat’s like saying, a black guy robbed me, so all blacks are robbers. NO jock douche bag. Just that one, as far as you know. The concept of generalization is as easy to grasp as it is rarely grasped when needed. People understand the concept when explained, but watch them try to argue a point while generalizing, and not even notice it. IT’s just a way to win an argument against someone who is uninformed. Somalia is fucked up. So are many other places. Somalia isn’t anarchy based. It became anarchic by bad means. IT was a negative symptom. Anarchy can be good or bad exactly to the extend, and no more, than humans can be good or bad. If humans were gone, the world would continue in the lion king fashion, circle of life, maybe mother earth would even heal herself to the point of the wound fading to a scar, fading to a blemish, then fading to nothing. But then, here we are, with our minds and our fists, and our wanting for everything under the sun. I wonder how it was that we ever decided it was right to sacrifice someone elses life, for the thing we want. Was it mere emotions? IS that the root of our downfall? The inability to restrain anger? Or was it some rogue asshole that flipped on a dude and wacked off his head over a piece of food, and then just became popular? I don’t think that humans are any smarter than 10 thousand years ago, that’s quite illogical to think, because if we could mature intellectually, then we already would have, to the point where violence would cease. So if we are just the same as long ago, then if it’s common sense now, it was common sense then, and I doubt emotions are the root, now that is to say that we should cut it out of ourselves to save humanity, like a lobotomy, or like vulcans from star trek. I think that we could do just fine. I think that evil was allowed to grow, until people forgot it was unnatural, forgot that good was the norm, learned to tolerate it, the population grew until there was so much going on that no one knew how it all started, people tried to make things up, people got confused, depression and anger set in, and now, in a desperate attempt to save a lifestyle we don’t even have, to save a life we don’t even know, the world, on a tipping point, is about to spiral down into a massive collapse of all forms imposed structure and rule systems, which can be supported as a theory by the evidence of nations falling to to division, like a half-life of a cell, divide,m divide, divide, DIVIDE!. NOthing is sovereign. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is absolute, or clear, or forever. Nothing is certain, except, to me, the painful feeling of knowing deep down that’s somethings wrong around me, that this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, but unable to see my way out of it, or even see myself in the mix of all things, proportionately, enough to understand, like a video game, strategic top down viewpoint, the trees for the forest, etc… The only thing that feels real to me anymore the the most physical, like when climbing a rocky hill, with my shirt off on a warm summer day, feeling the warm rocks under my hands, feeling the muscles in my back and arms flex as I pull up to a higher level, the breeze carrying the scent of flowers going passed my face, in my nose, and the cool, refreshing experience
[3:33:49 PM] 7547: of it on my skin. The sight of the sun setting over summer skies, or the brisk cold icy meadows, once covered in lush green grass, no still, smooth and awe-inspiring, that came with the winter, just a natural occurring annual event that is free to attend, more certain than any cell phone or vehicle or job in this modern concrete jungle, but there I am, taking it all in, and all of the sudden, there creeps in, so quickly, so freely, a thought, that thought leads me away from this simple yet profoundly deep human/nature experience, and I realise that I forgot to pay my phone bill, and that guy the other day said something harsh about me, and maybe the career I’m looking at isn’t right for me, my mind fills with worry and frustration, leading back to a depressive state, a generally all encompassing modern human state, which doctors try to make money off by calling a neurochemicals imbalance issue, and prescribe medication that only works to numb us further, a band-aid solution, an artificial medicine, for a spiritual problem. The answer lies right in front of us, in such things as the experiences I just described, and that of the stories of compassion to others, when all your worries seem so small as you take the hand of someone who is hurting, and lift them up and out of harms way, that’s when things make sense again, for a moment the psychosis breaks and you know what it is to be human, but only temporarily, as the vultures of this world swoop back in with their politics and their money system, their rules that even they break, the fear propaganda, the material consumerist bullshit, want everything, feel completely empty still, never having enough. And of course, the old wisdom from ancient humans or somewhere else, some christians chalk up to jesus, some say Mohamed, some say solomon, some, like me, say basic human intuition and an innate predisposition to compassion and the preservation and edification of human life, rooted in us from the beginning of our existence, not gone, but smothered by lies. This wisdom, irrelevant where it came from, for the is just semantics, (don’t shoot the messenger), (principals before personalities), that wisdom is simply what we’ve all heard “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” or, for the laymen, treat people with the same respect you think you deserve. So simple, yet so missed is this old truth. Were we to just put down the guns and the cell phones and the porn and the bibles for a day, look at a fellow man and see him as simply another person, unique but just as human, just as good, and as fragile as the next, not evil to the core, not after all our stuff, just another person, and to the map, look and visualize the globe without borders, without separation, to see all of us as just an intelligent, biological species with abilities of joy and communication, mortal, but with lives worth living, and see that all we need to do, is just live, in harmony, then a utopian world would follow, peace and joy would be overwhelming and forever, and some may call that heaven. NO one is better than anyone, except those who choose to oppress others, right from a badass dictator and his cronies, to a schoolyard bully, no difference at all, they are the ones, who by their own rotten self, define the difference between good and ad, and though placed high in this world in the matter of status and power, are truly below the rest of us. I myself have made many mistakes in life,. and many were made from a very troubled life, as I could never agree with what I was told, but I have never thought it right to take from someone, what I hold so dear. My freedom. My sanity. My safety. My life. My ability to live and live well. THat’s just not nice. It’s not fair. WHo am I to think I can or should do such a thing to someone else who has just as much right to be here as me. I never went to college. I didn’t go to church. I didn’t major in an ethics course or win a nobel prize. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp these concepts I’m speaking about. Now anarchy may never work, but that’s not because it is flawed, and it’s not because I am either. So don’t blame me for your shortcomings, or the state of the world, and since I don’t expect much from you, please, don’t expect me to stand at attention and blindly follow your rule system, when it clashes with my morals. I am not a sheep.I can make my own way. I never hurt anyone, and I don’t intend to. Leave me out of your schemes. If you feel you are a sheep, then allow yourself to be herded but don’t tell me that I am like you. And for your fear, keep it to yourself, stop projecting it on others, especially the new generation of children, who could know different, and should be spared the apathy that you were born in.Image

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Praise god when i fall, giving me another chance to learn. To get up again and give my all, to one day quell the yearn.
Defeat is only temporary, if i survive and get up, to walk thruhell exemplary,  until hell is fed up.
Only when i give up, give in to my demise, will be the day that tears stop, and he can’t hear my cries.
To roll out of bed each day, in spite of previous night, to walk the pain till it fades away, is the strength in the fight.

Each time i get up, when it hurts to open eyes,  confidence grows and i am stronger, the truth breaks through the lies.
It hurts for a day or two, then i feel normal, but until I’ve cleaned me through and through, the walk is far too formal.
Robotic legs, carry on, my mind automatic, making way to pass the day, not too problematic.
How long can one live like this, before he falls for good? All my problems cover bliss, never be it should.

Pain is great to make my strength, grow to ever high, but too much pain is awful fate, to live it is a lie.
How many roads must a man walk down, before they call him a man?
I’ve seen enough of my own frown, and i long for a better land.
To live sadness and regret, is no way to live, there’s something better i would bet, dear god to me do give.

Today the rain has soaked my soul, drenched my heart so well, tooth and nail escape this hole, journey far from hell.
Damn  this hurts! Damn these burns. Damn  the lie that this ones lost.
I will prevail, nomatter what, matter what the cost.
The righteous one falls 7 times, gets up 7 times, but the wicked one falls into destruction.
You’d think it pointless to write these rhymes, but they bring me passed obstruction.


I am made of glass. with a twisted metal  spine. I know they see my insides. but wish that I was blind. seeing you seeing me wrecks me to the core. ironically this perpeuates my pain forever more. wishing I could wear the mask so none could look again. I am a broken man breathing in the rain. oh my god, my god, my god. Won’t you stop the sun. My heart is sinking as they applaud. Please give me time to run.

There is a man who spoke to me, tho I don’t recall his name. But what he said was sure and real. It stuck with me the same. Comforting the words he spoke though haunting as they were. He said to me this world is dark. The truth he did infer. Come into the light was the next thing he said. So I went out for another fight and praise god I am not dead.

Today when I got back to refuge from the darkness i did chase. Looking in the bathroom mirror I saw dying face. Looking in my own reflection deep into my eyes, I told my soul as it cried out. Find the light before it dies.

Ive seen the revival of souls of dying men. Even my own and what I loved picked out the lions den. They say that the room lights up when Joshua smiles. I would throw away all my pride just to make that true. I would rather crawl but not alone down life’s crazy isles. This bitterness is killing me. And reserves are running few.

Runningon my own strength has got me all but strife. The recognition of my weakness cuts me like a knife. Humbled on this rock I lay, breathing in my last. I look back on better days and my life is leaving fast. Could I have done things right, could I have lived for real. I still don’t know but I see light and mercy is all I feel.

The man who spoke a prayer for my friend said one thing I remember. God help us fight the greatest foe, ourselves, and that wisdom is my defender . Should I be granted one more chance will that wisdom stay with me? or will I battle without a reason for eternity?

I confess I made a mess but know that I am good. And my parents bless my fading spirit doing all that they could. Pain runs deep, and some can’t keep, the fire when it’s wet. I found the devil in my sleep, he taunts to place a bet. Every night I dream in lucid canyons of despair, it could have been a happy one but millions a nightmare. I awaken suddenly, screaming, throwing fists. Loss of love, and life it is, bearing on my wrists. Reflecting in the waking hours pain I won’t admit. The scars are a picture that my soul has for me lit. To show the people who I hate, the reason I am down, this one has seen the fires of hell, forgive his awful frown.

Tormented soul, please lay to rest, give back to god what’s worst. I was not made t be the best, but surely not the cursed. Maybe he can fix the problem and send me back with wings. I cry alone, just long for home, where the angel sings.

When I was a boy, there was nothing I wouldn’t climb. Buildings and rocks were my toy and the rush to risk to find. A man said to me, interrupting another mission, you must have a death wish see, and I was too proud to listen. I look down on my nieces smiling without pain. So full of life and happiness, so far from the rain. They have a chance to live a life that’s great. And even though just 5 years old, they hold the power to melt my hate.

My burning hate to all humanity has left me all alone. The pain they caused insanity, though righteous on my throne. Sitting aloft in iced halls, I cast anger till I’m blind. Waking up centuries later, I have been left behind. Burning in my mind.

The human struggle; who wants to hear anothers trouble? So whats left to write? This is a writers plight. The poet well, versed in his own heart, carefully turns perspectives in, The human struggle; who wants to hear anothers trouble? So whats left to write? This is a writers plight. The poet well, versed in his own heart, carefully turns perspectives in, to a living art. Feelings and wicked thoughts, overtake the page, apparitions seeming not, surge out in shifting rage. All woefully woven, inline with stricken mind, feeling as if to a living art. Feelings and wicked thoughts, overtake the page, apparitions seeming not, surge out in shifting rage. All woefully woven, inline with stricken mind, feeling as if chosen, to breathe out this rhyme. Looking back on inspirations, once churned up the pen, those hopefull nights of incantations, taught by ancient men. By candle-light chosen, to breathe out this rhyme. Looking back on inspirations, once churned up the pen, those hopefull nights of incantations, taught by ancient men. By candle-light fiction, so did it come, that young hearts itchen, to blast words like a gun. Quickening, the shadowfall, carefull cutting true, slipping passed the hours all, just to fall on you. fiction, so did it come, that young hearts itchen, to blast words like a gun. Quickening, the shadowfall, carefull cutting true, slipping passed the hours all, just to fall on you. “You” is the word he, never meant to say, but three he found it on the pages, day after day. And this is the writers plight, seen too often in the light, lonely man, hides forever, in “You” is the word he, never meant to say, but three he found it on the pages, day after day. And this is the writers plight, seen too often in the light, lonely man, hides forever, in depths of inner strife. Without substance, something real, THAT word haunts him still. Surely darkness follows now, and leave it never will. depths of inner strife. Without substance, something real, THAT word haunts him still. Surely darkness follows now, and leave it never will. Posted via Posted via LiveJournal app for Android LiveJournal app for Android . .




Back into the storm, securing lines.



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